Highlight what makes you unique

Highlight what makes you unique

18 juillet 2018 0 Par Louis Speight

Read one of our recruitment advice for you to succeed in your job interviews!  The recruitment tips of Air & Job are in partnership with Elodie Destruel, director of CSC Consulting and Learn English Online.

Tip for today: Highlight what makes you unique!
Never forget that you are unique. Your path is unique. I did not say perfect. You obviously had ups and downs like everyone else, that’s life. Your career is punctuated with other positive experiences. Failures are inevitable. It is up to you to draw positive and highlight what these failures have taught you.

Know how to explain how you’ve overcome difficult phases, a project that has turned around, a dismissal, a difficult team to manage and so on.
Do not lower your head thinking about it, be proud to be here today facing your possible future employer to introduce him to the unique person you are.

Talk about your success, what you accomplished, what goals you achieved, what you learned through training and on the spot. Highlight the skills developed, your technical skills but also relationship and human qualities. Do not minimize your achievements without doing too much. We never have time to say everything during an interview, have in mind a thread with 3 major ideas that you must absolutely mention during the exchange.

These 3 ideas must be related to the needs of the future employer. It is therefore essential to know perfectly the expectations of your recruiter so that there is a real ‘match’ to the key!

Written by Elodie Destruel
Director of CSC Consulting training and consulting organization www.csc-consulting.org, Founder of the Elearning platform www.learnenglishonline.fr