How to introduce yourself during an interview

How to introduce yourself during an interview

17 juillet 2018 0 Par Louis Speight

Every Friday, we post a recruitment advice so that you can succeed in your job interviews! The recruitment tips of Air & Jobs are in partnership with Elodie Destruel, director of CSC Consulting and Learn English Online.

Tip #1 : Be authentic!
During your interview, be yourself, do not try to impress the recruiter by overbearing your professional career. Highlight your strengths : yes, lying by inventing an experience : no. The recruiter is not fooled and will feel that you are doing too much and it will only discredit you. Do not cheat, just be yourself. Inspire confidence. If the recruiter invites you to an interview, your profile interests him. So you leave with a head start. But nothing is settled at this stage, it is necessary to give dynamism to your CV.

Be enthusiastic while expressing yourself, we will always prefer to work with a joyful person rather than with a boring person, right? Your way of talking about your experiences and your projects says a lot about your soft skills and your future behavior within the company. So yes, a concrete CV with great positions is great but the recruiter will first recruit a candidate who will integrate and will be a positive element for the team.

Remember to keep a clear diction, keep an appropriate vocabulary, avoid too much jargon if you are in front of a recruiter and keep the technical lexicon for your face to face with the operational manager.

Present your ideas in a structured way so that the presentation of your experiences is clear and logical so you demonstrate to your interlocutor your ability of being synthetical and that you have a really good communication. Two qualities highly sought after by candidates.

At your next interview, just be yourself with your strengths, your weak points and an incredible desire to surpass yourself for a company that will share your values and your professional project !

Written by Elodie Destruel,

Director of CSC Consulting Training and Advisory Body,

Founder of the Elearning platform