Job Series #8 Project Manager specialized in new developments for Ventana

Job Series #8 Project Manager specialized in new developments for Ventana

17 juillet 2018 0 Par Louis Speight

As soon as he finished his studies, Sébastien Josserand  entered the world of work with a passion for the foundry. He is now leading an innovation project at Ventana.

How do you get to work in the foundry? For Sébastien Josserand, it was through mechanics, almost by chance because, he says, it is not a highly valued profession. He turned to mechanics and especially machining when he saw a brochure that evoked the trades of the foundry.

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“I was caught of passion for the foundry. There are physical and chemical aspects. It goes from the solid state to the liquid state. It is very diverse, there are many possibilities of methods, different processes. We can be in the artisanal or totally robotic foundry and there are many trades that actually cohabit together “.

He also appreciates the atmosphere. “It’s a profession where there are strong personalities, and where there are many different problems, it is difficult to have a routine,” he likes to emphasize. After obtaining a degree in foundry in Lyon, he enrolled at the School of Foundry and Forge of Sèvres to obtain an engineering degree. Opting for an apprenticeship at Eurocast at first, in the Lyon area, he stresses : “I was autonomous, I made my living doing missions that I liked, so I progressed a lot in all subjects “.

He then continued at Ventana in August 2012 before graduating in September 2012. In his first position of process manager, he was the guarantor of the process of manufacturing customer parts by ensuring compliance with all the recommendations of the specifications of the customer. He was able to become familiar with the different processes with the molds, the assembly of the different elements. “We sometimes go up to 60 elements, it’s a beautiful 3D puzzle to reconstitute”. He learned about aluminum and especially magnesium: “Magnesium is the soul of Arudy. But it is an alloy that oxidizes easily. You have to know how to control the fire starts. With a density of 1.8, it has exceptional anti-vibration properties to use only in the cold parts of the aircraft since it can catch fire at 500 °”.

Magnesium at the heart of production.

As a project and design manager since 2014, Sébastien Josserand is responsible for managing the schedule, initiating technical meetings and enforcing service costing so that the company can achieve the expected margin. The company is equipped with the MAGMA software that he controls and which has been enriched with data specific to the company. MAGMA allows you to simulate all operations. “You need a very good knowledge of the foundry to drive such a software” says Sébastien Josserand. With this software, he can check the problem areas, simulate the filling system, see the flow velocities by zone, know the temperatures at different places and moments, follow the solidification and notice any defects”.

“We reduce the preparation time, we avoid drifts of overquality, we quickly get good parts, with lighter designs that are tested numerically. In small series, the simulation is even more useful because you can not sacrifice too many pieces, “says Sébastien Josserand. But his function is not limited to the technique.  “You have to know how to adapt to people,” he says.

This is even more true in the context of the innovation project, METAPRO for Metamorphosis of Production, which he has been piloting since the beginning of the year and which will end in September 2019. “We must accompany everyone during the company’s metamorphosis. This affects the environment, the ecological impact of our products and respect for men. There is also the business attraction with the assistance of robots to lighten the drudgery of tasks, the control of postures to improve ergonomics. In terms of technology, we must consolidate everything that is simulation and 3D, go further. We already have a foot in digital but we have to make progress and get acquainted with new technologies that are constantly coming out of augmented reality, optical controls, tomography”.

The employees of the Arudy plant have already been involved in various innovation projects beforehand. But you have to communicate to get those messages across. There are different drivers on this program, we do not impose anything on the users, they test the material, put back the information and bring new ideas. “This is going pretty well,” says Sébastien Josserand, who manages his time fairly freely between the management of METAPRO and his role as a project manager.


Age: 28 years old

Training :

– 2012 Foundry Engineer at “Ecole Supérieure de fonderie et de forge”, Sèvres.

– 2012 Business Process Manager at Ventana.

– 2014 Project and Design Manager at Ventana.

Interests : DIY, hiking in nature.