Job Series #9 Aircraft Mechanic at Dassault Falcon Service

Job Series #9 Aircraft Mechanic at Dassault Falcon Service

17 juillet 2018 1 Par Louis Speight

Aurélien Cazon chose to work in aeronautics. He always had this idea. And obviously, he does not regret the path he has chosen. He is an aircraft mechanic at Dassault Falcon Service.
“It’s a choice I’ve made since I was little, I have been passionate about mechanics for years, I wanted to know how an airplane could fly, how was an engine made,” says Aurélien Cazon. He was therefore able to satisfy this passion. Coming from Gironde, he obtained a degree in electro-technical in a high school of the Bordeaux conurbation, in Eysines, and then obtained a baccalaureate in aeronautics at the Aerocampus of Latresne and he then left to Paris to obtain a license.

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But he did not have to complain because he did his apprenticeship at Dassault Falcon Service at Le Bourget.
It has to be said : Aurélien Cazon likes to learn. “I chose learning, because it is the best way to deepen your knowledge, be operational and gain experience. It also allows the company to gauge us. That way we get to be aware of our flaws and our qualities, in order to evolve, ” he says. Hired in 2011 at Dassault Falcon Service at Le Bourget, he did not avoid the “superb opportunity” to return to his home country in 2017 when the company opened its maintenance center in Mérignac. Since this year, he works there as a mechanic B1. “I take care of everything that is mechanical, except electricity,”  without underestimating the everyday life with its constraints, the respect of the rules of art, the constant updating of skills and teamwork simultaneously or to pass on the baton to the one who comes to take the continuation in the day. The work is very diverse and concerns both engines, systems and structures. “I work on hydraulic systems, flight controls and landing gear. I’m qualified on the Falcon 7X and the Falcon 2000 “. You must also be in touch with the order pickers to replace the defective parts and with the design department. And there are deadlines that must be respected because customers need their aircraft for important appointments that they can not postpone.

In the hangar, four PCs are at the disposal of the technicians who work on Field 5. This software makes the technical review of the plane and indicates, for each visit, the tasks to be carried out, of the change of a particular seal to the necessary tools. The documentation specific to the visit is printed on paper and each line corresponding to an action to be completed is stamped. Because the technicians have a stamp with their name on it so that the person in charge of each task is identifiable. Everyone is fully responsible for their interventions.

The will to evolve remains.

Beyond the work on the aircraft that motivated Aurélien, it is the relationship with customers that he really worships. Since customers come to talk about their problems in flight, explain the mode of intervention they favor and express their satisfaction, which is always great to hear. Aurélien Cazon had the opportunity to go further in the dialogue with customers to fix breakdowns. Because of his qualifications, he says : “I am able to validate the work done on an airplane”. A fact which he is very proud of. He traveled alone to Rome, Beirut or England to repair a broken plane. “The customer explains the problem, the design department develops the solutions, applies them on the aircraft with the necessary spare parts and documentation. We never do the same thing, and sometimes we have to work in a hurry. We create a link with the customer.  An aspect of his work that he did not suspect and that pleases him well.

Professionally speaking, Aurélien Cazon reflects on his future. “I’m having meetings with my superiors these days and we talk about it”. He had the opportunity to be positioned on a “leader” position for fifteen days, during which he learned the basics of management to then supervise a team of six mechanics. It is an essential phase,  during which his mentor can judge his ability to occupy this position permanently. During this period, he had meetings every evening with his manager to evaluate his behavior, to have indications to supervise his team in the best possible conditions. The ambition of Aurélien Cazon is to be confirmed as a leader and in a few years to become a plane leader …

Age: 28 years old

Training: Electro-technical degree at Eysines.

2005: entry to Dassault Falcon Service at Le Bourget.

2017:  arrival at Mérignac at Dassault Falcon Service.

Interests : jet-ski and rugby.