How to prepare well for your interview

How to prepare well for your interview

19 juillet 2018 0 Par Louis Speight

You’re just about to go through an interview. If you read these lines, you will be aware of them and I congratulate you for that.

The interview with your recruiter can be spontaneous. You make a match on Air & Jobs and you must seize the opportunity to exchange on the moment with the recruiter obviously interested in your profile.

Do not panic and follow all my previous tips :

Be spontaneous and authentic (I invite you to read again my first advice), show what makes you unique (tip n ° 2).

Present your career in English if the recruiter asks you to (tip 3),
speak with confidence and be proud of your professional career (article n ° 4) and try to emphasize gaps in your career (tip n ° 5).
Perhaps you will get an interview later. This will give you time to prepare carefully. How many times have I met candidates who are not prepared enough! It is unacceptable.

Coming prepared gives a strong positive signal to the recruiter. It shows a lot of things and reflects many qualities. It shows that the job coveted really interests you, that you are interested in the job description, in the company, the scope of activities, the level of responsibilities, opportunities for advancement, managerial style, flexibility of schedules, atmosphere etc.

Choose elements adapted to your situation. It requires a real personal reflection on your needs, and your desires. This introspection is necessary if you don’t want to go wrong in your research and be striking and convincing during the interview.

To do so, find out about the company, do a thorough research and write down the questions you ask yourself, they will be your questions to ask at the end of the interview.

Coming prepared shows that you are serious, and it also emphasizes your professionalism and enthusiasm for the position. As an advice, go to every interview prepared as ever. “Do your homework!”

The HR tips of Air & Jobs are in partnership with Elodie Destruel, Director of CSC Consulting and Learn English Online.

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