How to present a gap in your CV ?

How to present a gap in your CV ?

19 juillet 2018 0 Par Louis Speight

Every Friday, we post a recruitment advice for you to succeed in your job interviews ! The hiring tips of Air & Jobs are partnered with Elodie Destruel, director of CSC Consulting and Learn English Online.

Recruitment Tip # 5 : How to present a ‘gap’ in your resume ?
Last week, we discussed atypical professional careers and I tried to give you some tips to advantageously present your profile that does not fit the mold. Most of you are looking for an opportunity in aeronautics. You are registered on Air & Jobs and you are waiting for a match with your future employer.

Be prepared to answer the recruiter’s following question: “What did you do between this experience and that one “? The ‘gaps’ can intrigue and worry some recruiters.

It’s up to you. Explain everything you did during this gap :

you raised your children
you created your own company
you have invested in an association, a festival committee, a club
you have developed your network
you traveled
you took a real sabbatical break
you got involved in a hobby
you followed a training
you wrote a book

I voluntarily list all the things you can do during your job search to show your recruiter that you have not been home quietly waiting for the job of your dreams or the unexpected match to come to you.

Show that you have been active, that you have maintained your aero knowledge by doing a training course, reading, met aviation enthusiasts like you at forums, conferences, workshops etc and above all highlight what it taught you, or what it brought you.

I hope you really understand what I’m saying : show that you have turned this phase of job search into a great opportunity to continue learning, exchanging and preparing enthusiastically for your next professional challenge!

Written by Elodie Destruel Director of CSC Consulting training and consulting organization Founder of the Elearning platform