How to talk about an “unstable” professional career during an interview?

How to talk about an “unstable” professional career during an interview?

19 juillet 2018 0 Par Louis Speight

Every Friday, we post a recruitment advice for you to succeed in your job interviews ! The recruitment tips of Air & Jobs are in partnership with Elodie Destruel, director of CSC Consulting and Learn English Online.

Recruitment tip n ° 4:  how to talk about your ‘unstable’ career composed of many jobs and many companies or of your ‘job-hopper’ profile.

This question deserves a little light as many of you are embarrassed or even ashamed not to have a linear career that some might consider ‘perfect’.

First of all, let’s explore this notion of linear career. There was a time when, indeed, it would have been considered reassuring for an employer. The mono-company figure could reassure and demonstrate a certain loyalty to a company and be a guarantee of a certain stability of the employee.

It is no longer the case today. At a time when mobility is encouraged, employers and managers recognize the value of a multi-company, multi-experience profile.

A candidate who has explored different positions, companies from different sectors, different sizes, will bring a fresh look thanks to the variety of his experiences. A candidate who will be able to put forward his ability to adapt, be agile and find innovative solutions to problems that are ever more complex and unprecedented in an uncertain and ever-changing context.

Candidates will have to stay in a position long enough to really make the most of it, and leave their position with enough luggage to transfer to a new organization.

During your interview, show that you have acquired transferable skills in a new sector. Show how your experiences that you learned in one company, the difficulties encountered, all the relationship management with certain figures in  another sector, can help you meet the challenge of a new position, a new sector or a new company!

New is beautiful!

Written by Elodie Destruel

Director of CSC Consulting training and consulting organization Founder of the Elearning platform :