How to speak about payment during an interview

How to speak about payment during an interview

20 juillet 2018 0 Par Louis Speight

Out of many taboo subjects in France, money is definitely one of them. Negotiating your remuneration is an important step in the recruitment process for both the employer and the recruiter.

The problem is that the candidates often come to the interviews without having really thought about it.

Recently, I was conducting interviews with a future collaborator and when the question came about his expectations in terms of remuneration, the candidate had not thought about it. Not thinking about it will disturb the candidate who will be hesitant during the interview which does not give a very good image.

So what should you do or should you say ? How not to be wrong at the risk of missing out on a great job opportunity ?

My advice is above all to be perfectly honest about your past remunerations if the recruiter asks you the about it. It will be checked later on anyway, so lying would be a very bad idea.

It’s better to give a range. Before the interview, study the job, know your expectations, make sure you know your needs, and think about what this experience would bring you. You mustn’t only think about money.

What do you prefer ? A high salary within a company that does not know how to recognize its employees in an austere atmosphere or a salary in the low range of your expectations but that will bring you a balance between your professional work and your personal life, with a management based on listening, opportunities for advancement etc.

Payment is of course an important element. Maslow has reminded us of this with the satisfaction of our security needs, which requires a stable and reassuring remuneration, but once our basic needs are covered, should we not rather think about our quality of life ? Quality of relations at work ? Working for an organization that shares our values and wants to value us ?

Do not be afraid to talk about money, do not be afraid to value your career and what ‘worth’ but do not miss a job for a salary that could be changing.

So discuss, engage the conversation with the recruiter and be open to a real exchange to find a balance between your expectations and the budget of the company.

Written by Elodie Destruel, Director of CSC Consulting and Learn English Online.