In Aeronautics : Be ready to speak English

In Aeronautics : Be ready to speak English

18 juillet 2018 3 Par Louis Speight

Read one of our recruitment advice to succeed in your job interview! The recruitment tips of Air&Jobs are created in partnership with Elodie Destruel, director of CSC Consulting and Learn English Online.

Our tip for today: During your interview be prepared to speak English or any other foreign language which appears on your resume!

Be ready to speak English during your interview. In aerospace, mostly English will be your working language. Today, there are no more excuses to avoid learning English.

There have never been so many learning tools that suit all budgets. If your level is really basic, A1 or A2 on the European scale, then take time and put yourself into English once and for all. There are online platforms or apps that offer free content. You can register for language exchange associations in your city, you can also find an English-speaking partner who will be happy to exchange English lessons for French lessons with you and of course there is the good old way to take courses with a private teacher.

Anyway, my goal here is not to defend one method over another, but to make you aware that you must be able to introduce yourself in English, to speak with ease of your experiences, projects and ideas, and of your interests. If you put that you speak fluent English on your resume, then the recruiter will want to check if it’s true. It will also be an opportunity to see how you react to an unforeseen situation.

If your level is modest, do not over-sell your level on your resume, try to simply speak with the words that you have in your background. The recruiter will appreciate the effort. Reassure him also about your willingness and ability to learn quickly. For example by telling him that you have planned to take an intensive refresher course.

And really do it! If fluency in English or in any other language is a prerequisite, be honest and make arrangements to learn or to upgrade. You, therefore, know what you have to do!

Written by Elodie Destruel Director of CSC Consulting training and consulting organization, Founder of the Elearning platform