Job Series #1 : Project Supervisor of Digital Processing at Thales

Job Series #1 : Project Supervisor of Digital Processing at Thales

12 juillet 2018 0 Par Louis Speight

Coming from a family of aviation enthusiasts, Alexandre Bordellier is a project supervisor of digital processing at Thales.
Since October 2016, Alexandre Bordellier has been working as a digital processing project supervisor at the Thales campus in Bordeaux-Mérignac. He does not have a lot of perspective yet, but this young 27-year-old engineer from the “Ecole des Mines” school of Saint-Etienne began his career in this group at Elancourt in 2012 with an internship and then as the head of a competitiveness project, a transversal position between Bordeaux and Brest.

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His school being quite generalist, he himself gave an aeronautical coloration to his curriculum by doing a worker internship at Airbus in first year and the second year by going to Eurocopter. However, he chose this school because of the size of the promotions (around 120 students) which was not too high and its operation in projects mode.
When he talks about his current position as project supervisor of digital processing , we feel that he is really involved and really enthiusiastic. “We are working on the repair line, that is to say the customer support, and we’re taking everything into consideration. We seek to optimize the logistics, the supply chain to be the most efficient possible, to have a high punctuality rate and a short repair time by exploiting several levers of the digital transformation. We use the connectivity between different equipment and means and providing the customer with relevant information leading to the creation of new services, “says Alexandre Bordellier.

A vision for the future
And he knows he is only at the beginning of the adventure. The strategic focus is to make digital processing a driver of competitiveness and development. Thanks to the interactive digital boards, I can have as much information as possible very quickly. ” The challenge lies at five or ten years with the objective of testing new concepts, and relies on the digital input on a daily basis, improving the communication between the various media and the efficiency of the process, proposing a new type of business by exploiting the data collected, as part of the factory of the future. This work focuses on repairs where the rate of reactivity is paramount but also concerns the production.
To carry out his mission, Alexandre Bordellier relies on an industrial manager, a supply chain manager, an apprentice and a part-time operations manager as well as the entire operation and extended support team.

Pragmatism is in order.
In 2017, he tried different options to see if he met the expectations of customers. If the result is positive, the idea is exploited on a larger scale. Otherwise, the idea is abandoned and we move on.
In addition, the training of technicians is also studied from this angle of digital processing. Rapid learning tools and a kind of interactive platform are available to help them self-train and improve their skills and performance. “Virtual and augmented reality testing is also being done to train staff for delicate manipulations in a simplified environment. It is done through internal resources or by relying on small, highly specialized outside companies. We also use Industry 4.0’s iconic collaborative robots for dangerous or arduous handling. We have one in Brest to handle transmitters of about thirty kilos and we should have one in Bordeaux soon. The training test has been positive and, after the test phase, it will be offered to all staff and possibly to clients.
If he’s driving the digital processing in Bordeaux, Alexandre Bordellier also enjoys working in a network: “I have access to people who do the same job in the group, we share a lot between the different sites.”
His interventions are well received by the staff of the site especially since the group has communicated on the subject beforehand. “I see teams every day who are very curious, happy to be able to test. There is a real dynamism. We do projects for the employees internally but also for the customers by focusing on the irritants and we are interested in their operational needs to bring them solutions. We are working for the future of Thales. Everything evolves very quickly and we are never satisfied.

Age : 27 years old
Training : “Ecole des Mines” school in Saint-Etienne. – 2012 : Joined Thales in Elancourt as a competitiveness project supervisor. – October. – 2016 project supervisor in digital processing.
Interests:  Badminton. – Passed the pilot plane license, like his father and grandfather.