Job Series #11 Project Manager at the Design Department of Factem

Job Series #11 Project Manager at the Design Department of Factem

18 juillet 2018 0 Par Louis Speight

Imane Masselis chose to work not far from where she graduated. And it is finally the Norman company Factem that benefits from the skills of this Franco-Moroccan.
Factem is a company specialized in design, development and production of acoustic equipment that intelligently transmits speech in noisy environments, and that certainly attracts young talent. The integration of Imane Masselis is a new proof.

But it is the existence of landmarks in Normandy that has made this young mother choose to continue her professional career in this company in Bayeux Calvados.

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Studies in France.

To fully understand the career of this young thirty-year-old who acquired dual French-Moroccan nationality in 2012, it is necessary to perform a step back. And more precisely in 2004, when this native of Casablanca decided to pursue her graduate studies in France at the University of Caen. Her first contact with the aerospace industry comes in the fourth year of engineering school in Issoudun (Indre). And more precisely at Sicma in favor of an internship of several months. Within this manufacturer of aircraft seats, she writes a business guide. She therefore starts to become familiar with the atmosphere of a design office.

After completing her studies, this entrepreneur’s daughter by her father and executive assistant by her mother opted for the automotive sector. She is hired at Faurecia in Flers in Orne as a development engineer in mechatronics. She works, then, on the mechanisms of adjustment of car seats. Then, for personal reasons, she temporarily left the world of industry to become a professor in engineering school at ENSI Caen and ICAM Nantes. Lastly, and before joining Factem in early March 2017, she spent two years at Parker in Evreux as an applications engineer.

Quick integration.

Directly hired on a permanent contract with a trial period of three months renewable, Imane Masselis quickly found her feet at Factem. All the more quickly since she was entrusted with the development of the new handset of radio contact. And there is no time to waste since this new product must be put into production by the end of 2018, or even before.

Perfectly autonomous in her position, the project manager at the design and project office “follows up the project from the concept phase to the serial life, and I work with the draftsmen designers to do this to eventually complete their work by doing the design myself through the software Solidworks. I also assume the interface with customers by writing together the specifications and by making regular points concerning the project’s advancement. There’s another interface that I work on, the one with the suppliers. Finally and concerning parts specific to Factem this time, I work with the laboratory of tests for the qualification of the new product in France and abroad. At the same time, I give reports to the board and coordinate with the various trades such as acoustics, electronics and mechanics in view of the short time required for implementation, rigor and thoroughness “.

Fluent in French, English and Arabic and in Spanish, Imane Masselis faces unforeseen challenges in her work. To guard against this, she tries to analyze the failure modes to avoid them.

First-order perspectives.

Working in her spare time at the refurbishment of a Volkswagen Combi Van, Imane Masselis is aware of the attractive career prospects that Factem offers her. “There are professions that will evolve depending on the development of the company, so there will necessarily be new jobs. For the moment, managing my projects completely by myself is very formative. This is the first time that this affects so many trades. As I will gain in skills, I will be able in the future to claim positions with greater responsibility, including managerial, ” she explains.

And she concludes by stating that “women’s employment is democratized in all sectors of the industry and aeronautics is one of them, so women mustn’t have apprehension about the so-called technical professions. It is the experience that ultimately prevails “.


Age: 31 years old

Training:  Degree in Science
Electronic deug,
electrotechnical and automatic in 2006,
Mechanical engineer at ENSI Caen in 2009.

Entry to Factem : March 6, 2017.

Interests : sports, travel and … car repairing.