Job Series #13 machining partner for Mirage 2000

Job Series #13 machining partner for Mirage 2000

20 juillet 2018 0 Par Louis Speight

Guillaume Bournon is a machinist for a specialist in gear-cutting, Mekamicron, located in Blois. “Our factory is like a big family,” he says.

Behind the CNC machine he runs every day, from 5 am to 1 pm, Guillaume Bournon hung a poster of a Mirage 2000. “We are the ones who are renovating the transmission housings. Without this, the plane does not restart”, underlines this machining technician at Mekamicron, in Blois, who is very proud to contribute to the maintenance in operational conditions of fighter jets of the Air Force.

“We start from a block of raw metal. We stall the machine for it te be machined from solid, and here we go “, shows this 35-year-old experienced operator, who has worked for four years at this industrial supplier direct from Airbus, Safran or Dassault. The preparation of the machine includes several parts : a DMG Mori 5 axes, the choice and the adjustment of cutting tools, dimensions and measurements, then it leads us to the production of parts : here is the content of the daily work of this “partner”.

Rather than operator or technician, Philippe Duchemin, president of this small industrial group of 140 employees, prefers this term borrowed from the register of craftsmen. “At this level of excellence and performance, the industry is a collective adventure. The operator is a real partner of the company, “insists the leader of this company specialized in gear-cutting, and in everything that can possibly constitute a transmission.

Motorcycle fan
“In aeronautics, everyone is free to be autonomous. We are not the executors of a production order, everyone is involved, “adds Guillaume Bournon. “It’s not a very difficult job. If you love the mechanics and understand the operation of the machine, it happens of its own accord. You can work on any machining system afterwards, “smiles the motorcycle fan, strumming on the control pad.

The interest of this profession? “It remains very manual, we are always in contact with the material. At the same time, we are entrusted machines of hundreds of thousands of euros, which machine metals sometimes very expensive. From a technical point of view, it can become very complex from time to time, precision is played out to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter. Some pieces have a very strong added value, “says Guillaume Bournon, who regrets the lack of interest of high school students for the industry.

“There is perhaps lack of bridges between companies and the world of education,” said the former student of a general high school, who, at age 16, switched to technical education before obtaining a professional baccalaureate in Amboise, in a training center in apprenticeship industry trades. “It’s a very complete training. In addition to the knowledge of the operation of milling and turning machines, I learned to master computer-aided manufacturing design softwares “, explains Guillaume Bournon.

No need for employment center.
“In any case, we must reassure families and students : the industry is no longer about chips and grease everywhere. Look, everything is clean and tidy, “says this father of three young children, who has never experienced periods of unemployment, even during periods of crisis, and who earns about 2500 euros per month.
After graduating, Guillaume Bournon worked as a machinist for several industrialists in the neighborhood, in Blois and Amboise, including a precision engineering company manufacturing medical prostheses.

“Job offers are numerous in the machining. And robotics will not replace us. It will always be necessary for men to launch the series and regulate the machines “, adds Guillaume Bournon, who admits being solicited by other companies of the sector. “I even had a proposition coming from Canada,” he laughs.

But he does not see himself moving. “Trips from work to home are pretty quick here, you can spend time with your loved ones. And I like the size of the company, everyone knows each other well, we are a big family, “he says.
What’s next for Guillaume Bournon? “He has the capacity to integrate the methods office, where the manufacturing orders for the workshop are created”, summarizes Mathieu Husband, 49 years old, “partner” of the design department precisely, and who invites himself very easily in a conversation holding a cup of coffee. “You see, nothing is stressful here at the factory,” smiles Guillaume Bournon. The two colleagues continue their conversation, as if they were at home.


Age: 35 years old


1999 : leaves general high school in Blois to join an alternating technical program.
2003 : professional baccalaureate as a machining technician in Ambroise.
2007 : permanent contract for a machining specialist specialized in medical equipment.
2013 : integrates Mekamicron in Blois.
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