Job Series #15 Press operator for Cefival

Job Series #15 Press operator for Cefival

20 juillet 2018 4 Par Louis Speight

Press manager at Cefival, Romain Lheureux is now a team leader, waiting to become head of workshop after a management training.

Nothing possibly incited Romain Lheureux to work in the aeronautics industry. His father will soon retire, but for the time being he drives flame-weeding trains for the SNCF while his mother works in a bank. His parents are today very proud that their son is working for the aviation industry and moreover on the most modern and automated steel press in the world.

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Before that, however, the career of this Creil native in the Oise was not totally linear. He had some difficulty finding his first job. Yet one of his teachers had given him a list of companies working in the field of blacksmithing. Alas, many answers were negative. “The companies required three years of experience,” recalls Romain Lheureux. “I would have liked at the time that a company would trust me, since I think it is imperative that companies give their chance to young people and it is up to them then to seize it”.

He is therefore forced in the meantime to occupy a sweet grocery employee position in a supermarket for a period of six months. The good news comes, however, in December 2009. It is on this date in fact that the company Cefival of Persan (Val-d’Oise) contacts him. Specialized in the production of special profiles in steel, mainly for aeronautics, this company then gave him an interview which went very well.

Huge responsibilities.

Hired on a permanent contract after a trial period of two months, Romain Lheureux began his career as a spinning press operator. He was then integrated into a team comprising two spinning press operators and a workshop manager. It is him as well as the press operator with whom he had been in pairs for five months who served as his tutor. Affiliated with the position of bench of exit during a period of six months, he then knew a first evolution of career being formed to the driving of the press. He finally became a press driver in 2011. A huge responsibility is entrusted to him at the age of only 22 years old. All equipment including the building housing the press had indeed mobilized an investment of some 12 M € a few years before.

This was a recognition of the quality of work and diligence shown by Romain Lheureux since his arrival at Cefival. At his position as a press conductor, Romain Lheureux receives, first of all, the order of manufacture of steel, stainless steel or titanium bars of different profiles to be produced. He then enters the heating parameters (1,180 degrees on average!) and press. As soon as the tools are fitted, the actual press cycle takes place, with an average duration of 3 minutes. During this production period, he checks bars of 4 to 13 m in length, which are then debited in small pieces to make nacelles for example. If everything goes well, on average 80 bars a day are produced.

“I’ve been team leader (3 people – Ed) for two and a half years now,” says Romain Lheureux. “This function leads me to fill in the TRS which is a board showing the time and the nature of the breakdowns encountered during the day. It also indicates the number of bars produced. In order to assimilate the basics of management of a team and to get the maximum out of it, he benefited from management training at the end of 2016.

Versatility is the key word which perfectly describes the work done by Romain Lheureux. Besides being a press operator, he is able to hold the other two positions that are exit bench operator and retouching operator (cleaning and tools). Having many functions in society, he also has a function of emergency rescuer.

A clear path.

Highly appreciated by both of his colleagues and his plant manager, Romain Lheureux has ambitions : “becoming a workshop manager later on because it seems obvious to him. Less active in the press, he takes care of the order planning and the material park, so he’s more of an organizer, but he is not closed to other sectors however. ” He is well aware of the need to reap even more experience, admitting that he “has not yet gone around the press to spin, so he still has plenty to learn and discover”.
He is preparing, meanwhile, to benefit from a new management training. He also remembers to continue working on innovations such as the time-saving Lopin brush.


Age : 28 years old
Training :  BAC STI in 2007, BTS shaping of materials by forging at Marie Curie High School in 2009.
Entry to Cefival : January 2010
Interests : sport, cinema, travelling.