Job Series #16 Industrial projects leader at Arelis

Job Series #16 Industrial projects leader at Arelis

23 juillet 2018 2 Par Louis Speight

After arriving at Arelis as a substitute, Audrey Bossut now occupies an important position in this Norman society.

Unlike many people who have had precarious jobs before actually finding their way, Audrey Bossut had the chance to work immediately in a company that allowed her to thrive professionally. It is, indeed, an advertisement published by Pôle Emploi which made her apply at Arelis in Saint-Aubin-les-Elbeuf, near Rouen.

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From being a substitute to become an Industrial Project Manager

When she arrived in this company specialized in the design and integration of electronic solutions, this daughter of traders did a replacement on a fixed-term contract as an administrative assistant. She liked this function which owed a lot to chance of the aforementioned announcement. She shows skills in her duties until becoming the after-sales service representative of the Saint-Aubin-les-Elbeuf site in 2006. The company was composed at that time of about forty people.

Now with a permanent contract, Audrey Bossut demonstrates remarkable adaptability to her new position, so much that she has been offered the responsibility of purchasing. She accepted and held this position for a year. “Suddenly”, and as explained by this native of Argentan (Orne), “the opportunity was available and I was offered to take responsibility for after-sales service but at the group level this time in 2014.” That shows us that progress can be faster within an SME “.

In this position, Audrey Bossut once again showed all her skills since she presented a certain number of propositions, including the one of restructuring the entire service department at a group level and only a few months after taking function.

Continuing her evolution in the Norman unit, Audrey Bossut is then accompanied by a tutor to assume the new responsibilities of industrial project manager in January 2017. “This support reassured me even if it lasted barely eight months. Thanks to his experience, the guardian who was retiring gave me the right tools and showed me how to manage a project in a great way, “says the mother of two children.

Customer interface

“When an electronic subsystem order arrives,” says Audrey Bossut, “there is a study and an implementation part, which entails a meeting of all the stakeholders involved in the design office, the laboratory and the manufacturing. Then we present the project and develop a schedule of realization.

During this initial step, we list everything needed to complete the project and go through the critical path. Thanks to weekly or fortnightly meetings with the client, I will, for my part, present him the project implementation schedule. I therefore provide the interface with the customer and his expectations by means of a dashboard showing the actions to be carried out, all the input data, the associated risks as well as the deadlines and the costs.

These are indicators of time and quality. Updated every week, this dashboard makes it possible to follow up the order in real time by grouping all the actions of the various departments of the company. Since we work in several fields, the aeronautical customer is, in essence, much more strict at the documentary level. We must present them several certifications.

Their specifications are, moreover, more detailed. For this position which requires a strong sense of organization, method and good communication not only internally, with the client and suppliers, the practice of English is certainly a huge advantage. I already had this skill in my position as a service assistant “.

An example for women

For now, Audrey Bossut needs to rest. “I just joined a new position,” she says. “It’s a beautiful journey and a great challenge that is about to come, especially as our company is at the forefront of innovation, because we participate in projects we talk about in the media. It’s good to say that we work in the aeronautics industry, and that’s an attractive sector that is not just for men”.


Age : 41 years old
Education : economical and social baccalaureate, degree as an assistant manager at Lycée Mezeray d’Argentan (Orne) in 2001.
Entry into society: August 2001.
Interests: high tech (connected objects), home automation, cinema.