Job Series #4 Aircraft Mechanic at Air France Industries

Job Series #4 Aircraft Mechanic at Air France Industries

13 juillet 2018 3 Par Louis Speight

Twenty years after joining Air France Industries, Sébastien Cloarec now serves as a team leader. His career path  started at the center for training apprentices for aviation professions in Vilgénis.
For Sébastien Cloarec, the aeronautical fiber is essential. His father was indeed an air freight agent at Orly and Roissy. It is not therefore a matter of chance that he began apprenticeship with Air France at the age of seventeen.

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For three years, he performed maintenance (check A) for the Boeing 737s of Aéropostale, carried out by Air France Industries. He was supervised during this period by a tutor, team leader, who taught him the rules of the art in the way of working. “These are rules that must not be broken in order to work safely, and it’s also a job that demands the utmost rigor,” he says.
Upon obtaining the additional mention, Sébastien Cloarec is hired directly on a permanent contract. Something to be proud of, because it was about working in the largest French airline and having, incidentally, certain guarantees regarding job security.

Category change

Starting 2001, Sébastien changed department as he passed on wide-bodies. And more specifically on Boeing 777-200ER Air France passengers after a two-month theoretical training and two weeks of practice. Since this was a mix of hangar work and track, he was able to discover a new aviation environment at both the runway and the aircraft level. According to his request, he only did runway from 2004/2005 in view of his appetite for contingency management.
The arrival of the Airbus A380 in 2009 was another highlight of his career. He has, indeed, volunteered to work on this very big holder as an airplane hangar and track mechanic. He benefits, then, of the same curriculum of training as for the Boeing 777. Happy to change and to discover thus a new world, he had to adapt to the computer management that was different from the one of the Boeing 777.
New responsibilities are entrusted to him in 2015. It was during that year that he became a team leader. His mission is to replace the chief when he is not here. He is then in charge of a team of twelve to twenty people.

Work quickly and well.

Today, Sébastien works on the Airbus A380 as well as on the Boeing 777 in 3 X 8. They are three to four aircraft mechanics to do this tracking work on the A380 and two on the Boeing 777. The time it takes to make an intervention is a little over an hour for a short transit of 2 hours 10, a little over two hours for a normal transit of 4 hours and five to seven hours for a long transit between 6 hours and 8 h. These interventions are very convenient to carry out all the operations that must be led.
“The airplane mechanics first have a plane ride to detect any signs of impact on the plane, then we check the wear on the wheels and brakes of the landing gear. A380 wheels weigh 250 kg each ! Then, we add aeronautical oil in each engine. If there is no default, we go up on the plane to make the checks in the cockpit through the use of the Aircraft Fixed Access Computer (AMT) for the 777 and the Onboard Maintenance Terminal (OMT) for the A380, while the technique pilot and the purser for cabin facilities report all malfunctions through the “log book”. It is also in the same vein that we sign the approval of the return to service if everything is in order. Otherwise, it is up to us to repair the equipment in a very short time. At this moment, we must more than ever work as a team”, he explains.

Boeing 787 and soon the A350.

Sébastien Cloarec will continue to combine the operational daily. His evolution prospects are the same as for other aircraft mechanics, namely to evolve towards managerial positions, thus executives, or towards new technologies or aircraft such as the Boeing 787 or the Airbus A350. Aircraft mechanics have become responsible for hangars.
Sébastien has plenty of time to perfect the skills acquired during his first 20 years at Air France Industries. In the meantime, he has just benefited from English lessons through the individual right to training. This improvement was all the more important since all the technical documentation of the devices and the answers given on the log book are in English !

Age : 37 years old
Training : Professional baccalaureat in Aeronautics at the Center of Training Apprentices for aviation professions of Vilgénis  in 1999 and additional mention in 2000.
Entry into society : September 1997.
Interests : Travelling, sports.