Job Series #6 Process Expert at Lisi Aerospace

Job Series #6 Process Expert at Lisi Aerospace

16 juillet 2018 6 Par Louis Speight

Christian Wersand has spent a large part of his professional life at Lisi Aerospace. However, he does not feel locked into the routine.
In the position he has held for two years at Lisi Aerospace as a process expert, Christian Wersand is a trainer. “My return at the end of 2015 to the research design office corresponds to Lisi’s desire to ensure the transmission of knowledge in the areas that have made the excellence of Creuzet Aéronautique”.

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“I work in collaboration with a team of technicians to enable them to acquire and master the technologies of hot deformation. I need to share my knowledge and experience throughout my professional career to solve technical problems and meet the requirements of new projects. Currently, we are working on the LEAP program, a major issue since it involves customers like Airbus, Boeing and Comac through the A320neo, Boeing 737 MAX and Comac C919 programs”, he says.

He also adds : “because there is no real specific training on our trades and I acquired a lot of knowledge in metallurgy and hot deformation. I wanted to share what I could capitalize all throughout my career, and Lisi gave me the opportunity through my new function. Transforming the hot material meets metallurgical and dimensional criteria that are imposed on us by customers and we have to design tools and machines which meet the economic criteria defined by the company to ensure the profitability and the deadlines imposed by the customer programs. The technicians of the study and research office must master all these elements and work independently, and that’s why I bring them my knowledge. Technicians are really autonomous after two or three years because each product is different “. These technicians have a 2 or 3 year degree after the baccalaureate.

The pleasure of participating in the adventure of aeronautics.

When Christian Wersand joined the company at the age of 27, he was provided with the baccalaureate and a degree in mechanical manufacturing obtained in the Paris region. After a switch service method of Snecma (now Safran Aircraft Engines) and three years in a mechanical outsourcing company in the South West, as a deputy boss, he was hired in 1985 by Creuzet in the design department to make the link between development and production.

“As a young technician, I was fortunate to participate in the development of blade manufacturing at Creuzet Aéronautique. We had to design and develop the machines that allow us to develop and produce industrially. We also worked on materials to improve the performance of reactors : titanium, inconel. For us, it was a great adventure. It was necessary to acquire and master new knowledge and know-how. As a technician, the interest is to be confronted daily with technical problems and to find solutions. The routine is not interesting.

In 2008, Christian Wersand is offered a position of sector manager. It integrates production at the stamping workshop. He has to work on light alloys of aluminum with a technology specific to the company that had to industrialize while respecting the costs and supervise a technical team of about ten people. “When I was in production for eight years, as a workshop manager, I was confronted with other issues : the respect of deadlines by ensuring the quality of manufactured parts and human management. This last point is not the easiest to approach. Each person with a different profile, must constantly adapt to the person in front of them to ensure the best possible operation of the workshop and the team of people who compose it”.

This is what prompted him to request his transfer to the design department. “I am really satisfied with my job, with my my career, and with my company. My present function is for me really full-filling. I pass on my knowledge and experience gained during my career. I thus participate in ensuring the technological sustainability of the company. I have a sharp technological background and I met a lot of people who taught me a lot of things. I have to pass on all of this, “he says, eventhough he admits that he would have liked to be even closer to the airplanes at Airbus or Dassault, for example.

“I have always had two areas of interest, aviation and sailing. Moreover, today, the new generations of sailboats fly on water, and these are two very technical areas”. And he considers that the sport allowed him to balance himself. “Sport at a high level allowed me to find a good balance, I am usually a little generous. This helped me understand team-work well : performance is not only the result of individual work, but the addition of shared skills, ” he admits.

Today, at 58, he feels totally great : “I want to evolve, to stick to new techniques. I was lucky to be able to change, not to fall into the routine. I would like to go further in the technique, working on simulation tools, which allows to move very quickly in the development.

Age : 58

Training: degree in mechanical fabrications

Professional path :

– 1985:  integrates the research study department.

– 2008 : workshop manager.

– 2015: process expert at the study and research department.

Interests : Handball coach.