Unlock the potentials of Blockchain Technology

Unlock the potentials of Blockchain Technology

4 décembre 2018 0 Par Damien Gaignard

Many people are familiar with Bitcoin or the term cryptocurrency, but few people understand the full concept of Blockchain. Blockchain is a publicly available and decentralized digital ledger that encrypts data into blocks of records, which allows for a reliable and permanent method of storing data. This innovative way of record keeping is known to be used for currencies, loyalty programs and data storing, and also has a large potential in the aviation industry.

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The aviation industry consists of innovative and advanced technology that continues to grow, yet there are practices within the industry that are old fashioned and not reliable. Whether pilots log their hours by pen and paper or digitally these logbooks have no security against the authenticity of hours, maintenance reports are in disorganized databases and paper binders, and regulatory authorities do not take full advantage of big data analytics. Blockchain can provide a way to fully enable technology within the aviation industry and facilitate the many permanent digital records aviation requires.

Here are some of the key ways Blockchain can be of use to Aviation.

Security and Identity
Blockchain is a technology that is not easily tampered with, due to the “blocks” being attached to pre and post data. Data protection of passenger records, flight manifest and crew information are of large importance in aviation. The use of Blockchain for these data sources would ease the ability to manage and share information across entities without jeopardizing the security of the information.

Electronic Personnel Licensing
Due to the immutable characteristic of Blockchain, the authenticity of pilot and maintenance logging can become undeniably accurate. Blockchain will eliminate the ability to falsify records and can enable a universal system of logging across states. The ability to use Blockchain as a source of logging personnel licensing data will allow regulatory authorities across states to verify aircraft and pilots are current, which will contribute to the overall safety of aviation.

Air Freight
Every shipment of freight requires a large amount of paperwork which is costly and inefficient. The ability to digitalize this paperwork with Blockchain will allow for an environmentally friendly solution as well as a decrease in transport time by eliminating the need to verify paper copies. Consolidating air freight records will create an interconnected network which will facilitate data sharing and eliminate fraud.

Regulatory Authorities
Digitization of big data analytics will improve civil aviation authorities, states and other regulatory authorities ability to track specific goals and ensure standards and laws are being followed. Once the use of Blockchain for electronic personnel licensing becomes a standard, it will give regulatory authorities the ability to verify the authenticity of pilots and aircraft and allow reliable and transparent record keeping.

Ticketing and Loyalty Programs
Using Blockchain for e-tickets will allow airlines to enhance their alliances by enabling the ability for other partners to sell their tickets in real time. Loyalty programs can be strengthened with Blockchain by allowing travellers to get instant value from their points. Since Blockchain is publicly available, loyalty points can be used in a broader manner through a series of partners connected to said points.

Financial Transactions
There are many aspects of aviation that require financial transactions such as purchasing parts, leasing aircraft, and airline costs associated with flight operations. Blockchain can standardize this process and properly secure the transactions. A decentralized database for financial institutions could also potentially allow regulators to access this data which is currently held under a blanket of security measures.

As identified, Blockchain has many uses within the aviation industry, and these examples are just the beginning. Many airlines and aviation startups are beginning to exploit the potential of Blockchain which demonstrates Blockchain standardization of aviation data is near. Blockchain has the potential to evolve the aviation industry and allow airlines, civil aviation authorities, international organizations and other key players to unlock their full potential.

If you are interested in learning more about Blockchain in the aviation industry, on the 2-4 April 2019, ICAO and UAE General Civil Aviation Authority will hold the ICAO Blockchain Aviation Summit and Exhibition in the United Arab Emirates. This one day workshop and two-day summit will provide an opportunity for aviation professionals to work towards increasing the ability to use Blockchain technology in a productive and innovative manner.  will provide participants information on the key uses of Blockchain in the aviation industry and will help increase the efficiency of aviation technology.

For more information visit the website at https://www.icao.int/Meetings/BLOCK2019/Pages/default.aspx or email inquiries to blockchain@icao.int .

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