What to do after a match on Air & Jobs ?

What to do after a match on Air & Jobs ?

20 juillet 2018 1 Par Louis Speight

Advice of the day n ° 8 : what to do after a match on Air & Jobs?
Start the conversation quickly with the recruiter by chatting on the app. Do not be shy, show initiative and introduce yourself. Delaying contact can make the recruiter feel that you are not really interested or that you are lacking enthusiasm.

The purpose of the exchange is to find out more about the company you had a match with, and to quickly identify everyone’s expectations.

The HR tips of Air & Jobs are in partnership with Elodie Destruel, Director of CSC Consulting and Learn English Online.

Show interest in the company.

Ask questions about their needs, their activities, the types of projects the company is working on, which elements of your profile have caught their attention. Unless you’ve matched a well-known company, you will not have the time to gather all this crucial information to make sure that you and the company have potential compatibility.

A spontaneous match is a great opportunity to establish a first contact. So ask these few questions to make sure that what the company is looking for in terms of profile matches your career path and your career goals.

And without going into too much detail that will be discussed in a subsequent interview. Make the recruiter want to know more about you, your assets, your career project, etc.

Finally :

Plan a thorough interview quickly, preferably face-to-face or on camera.

In any case, remain polite, curious and suggest the recruiter to make an appointment with you to discuss a possible collaboration.

Written by Elodie Destruel Director of CSC Consulting Training and Advisory Body www.csc-consulting.org

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